July 02, 2010

Christo and crutches: A trip to the deck

I took a little trip today -- from the kitchen, where I've pretty much been living for the past month, to the deck. (For those keeping tabs on my progress getting my Egypt trip money refunded, Intrepid and Orbitz/Egypt Air have come through, as I reported a few posts ago, but Nationwide/TruTravel Claims has been less customer-friendly. Despite my having sent a claim package with everything needed to prove loss, they're making me jump through redundant paperwork hoops and really work to get what's owed me.)

It was nice to be outside. I thought of Christo as I looked up into our big deck umbrella, set against a cerulean sky and backlit by the sun, its light diffused by the orange-beige fabric.

I was a deckchair traveler -- two dozen crutch-hops from the kitchen had transported me to New York City in 2005 and a gorgeously crisp February day spent wandering Christo's joyful orange installation, The Gates.

Click here to read an old post, Christo redux: A little joy . You'll find some photos of happy, gargantuan drapes, set against a cerulean Central Park sky and backlit by the sun, its light diffused by the orange fabric.