June 01, 2010

The longest trip...

I apologize for not posting in a while.

Last week I was running through the woods, caught a root, and came down hard and horrible on my left ankle. It started blowing up in front of my eyes, so I hobbled to a main road where a police officer directing traffic helped me to his car and drove me home. ER x-rays confirmed a second-degree ankle sprain and two broken metatarsal bones. I'm on crutches and in a boot cast.

To get to my travel photos and notes and to the scanner I use to get pix onto this blog, I have to bounce my way up a long staircase on my butt to my office, a place that right now seems very far away.

Everything seems very far away to me right now... my coffee cup over there on the counter, the mailbox on my front porch, the lamp that I'd really like to turn on but can't reach.

Not being fully ambulatory gives one a new perspective. Right now, the longest trip my brain can consider is the journey from my kitchen table to the bathroom.