May 19, 2010

Las Vegas: experience Fremont Street

If you go to Las Vegas, peel yourself away from the fabulous Strip and spend at least one evening at the Fremont Street Experience, where Vegas was born. Here you'll find some of Vegas's oldest casinos: the Golden Nugget, Pioneer, Horseshoe, 4 Queens and others.

Before there was a Strip, that incredibly cool four-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, Vegas neon and nightlife lived on Fremont Street. Follow Las Vegas Boulevard east for about five miles and you'll find the Fremont Street Experience, a Vegas must-see.

While some of Fremont Street near Las Vegas's original downtown is a bit dicey after dark and not recommended as a place for tourists to stroll, the Fremont Street Experience is a great venue for everyone from die-hard gamblers to families.

An electronic canopy the length of five football fields pops with free hourly light shows. It soars 90 feet over your head and connects the blocks of shops, restaurants, hotels and casinos into an indoor pedestrian zone ablaze with lights, color and neon.

Just outside the entrance to the Fremont Street Experience is the Golden Gate Casino, which offers "The Best Tail in Town." For $1.99 you get a parfait glass chock-full of shrimp cocktail. Our family of four downed five of these luscious bargains: Adam had two.

I love Vegas. Great fun. Can't wait to go back.