April 19, 2009

Where I'm not traveling to tomorrow...

Just a quick fyi for anyone who was planning to check my Boston Mararthon progress tomorrow. It ain't happenin' for me. I will not be in Hopkinton in the morning.

About four weeks ago my right leg kinda caved in, and I haven't run since. Am awaiting MRI results. Could be something called a hip labrum tear, which would require arthroscopic surgery to repair. I'm hoping for a plain vanilla stress fracture, which would heal on its own.

So much for my lucky coins -- and I did find 26. Just wasn't in the stars this time around.

The good news is I was able to defer my qualifying time to next year, so, if I can keep this old body together, I'll be running next year's Boston.

To everyone toeing the line tomorrow in Hopkinton, I wish you Godspeed. Have a marvelous day and a safe and satisfying race.