April 15, 2009

Kids on the loose on the Lido

Dana left today for her school's April vacation trip to Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic. Sixty-five kids, 10 adult chaperones. First stop, Venice.
Dana's been to Venice before, but most of the kids have never been to Italy. Indeed, for many this is their first trip out of the country. I envy them their first ride down the glorious Grand Canal. It's an experience that stays with you forever.

The group is staying at the Hotel Riviera on the Venice Lido, across the lagoon from the city's ancient historic core. The hotel looks like a wonderful value for the money, and some of the rooms have views of the sea.

While Venice proper is where the guidebook and postcard sights are, Lido is, essentially, a beach resort. A playground.

Hmmm.... A beach resort playground for 65 American teenagers in Europe without their parents.
I'll be writing a story about the trip for the local newspaper. This headline idea springs to mind: "Lido: The Chaperones' Challenge."

(These photos? Non-Lido Venice.)