December 10, 2008

Let's Say Thanks: 3 clicks send a card to a soldier

Xerox Corporation is sponsoring a campaign called Let's Say Thanks that sends colorful, upbeat thank you cards to our military stationed around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan. With three mouse clicks, you create an e-card that Xerox then prints and forwards to another organization that includes them in care packages for soldiers.

The photos above were taken a few years ago by blog reader "Gunny." (You still out there Gunny?) They're of Tal 'Afar in northern Iraq, about 30 miles from Mosul. Were it not for war Tal Afar, because of its rich history dating back to 7,000 BCE, would be an intriguing place to visit. It has an Ottoman castle that looks strangely like Gunny's photo of Fort Defiance.