December 11, 2008

"Large selection of Jose Feliciano items!"

The curiosity is killing me.

I can't click on the *ads* on my blog or I will be punished by the Go**ogle police. But sometimes the a*ds that appear are so intriguing -- or silly -- that it takes a will of steel to resist. (Yes, these *s are intentional...)

G**oo**gle ties the a*ds to the content in my posts (though how the ad for bras for big-busted women got on there last summer I've no idea). Since my recent annual Jose Feliciano Christmas tribute post, up have popped little boxes proclaiming "Large selection of Jose Feliciano items!" and "Looking for Jose Feliciano? Find exactly what you want today."

Oh, would that I could click and learn what treasures lie among the large selection of Jose Feliciano items! I bet there are Jose ring tones, but could there also be Jose dolls and action figures? Jose key chains and coffee mugs? Perhaps there are Jose Feliciano pajamas, wall clocks, beach towels and ornaments for your holiday tree.

I need to leave this blog now. The tempation is starting to overwhelm me.