February 24, 2008

Back from Uganda

Dana and I are back from Uganda. Our 17,000-mile journey came full circle this morning when we pulled into the Massachusetts driveway we left nearly two weeks ago.

We're wired. Adrenaline, vagabond excitement, topsy-turvy body clock, caffeine, good-to-be-home weirdness. Our trip home was a 26-hour deal with an additional overnight at a Ramada Inn in Stratford, Connecticut. When we pulled onto our street, Dana asked, "What time is it in Africa?"

As those who follow this blog know, I shoot film, so I won't have photos of our journey for a week or so. But Dana got some great shots with her Nikon Coolpix digital, and I asked her to share one of her favorites for this "We're home" post.

She picked this shot of the start of our trail down (then up) into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as we set off to track the Nkuringo gorilla band, the start of our trail down to a special world where gorillas welcome you into their midst.

I have to go to bed. Will share more of the wonders of beautiful, friendly Uganda after I've had a really good, deep sleep.