September 01, 2007

Lori, where did your sidebar travel to?

Technical difficulty alert:

I just discovered that folks reading this blog using a Firefox browser may not see my sidebar -- which gets you to hundreds of archived stories and lots of useful links -- on the right side of the page. Everything appears OK if you're using Internet Explorer or AOL. (I don't know about Safari, as I haven't downloaded it.)

For Firefox folks, the sidebar is actually still on the page, but it's migrated down to the bottom, a glitch in Blogger software that users have dubbed "a sidebar nosedive."

Evidently, buried somewhere in the hundreds of lines of HTML code I've posted in the past few weeks, lies a tiny bit of errant code -- could be just a single character -- that's pushed the sidebar out of position. I have to find the offending post that contains the offending bit of code. That could take awhile, but I promise to get on it.

In the meantime, switching browsers from Firefox to something else should allow you to see the blog's pages as they're meant to appear.

Blogger's "Help" section offered very little help on this issue, other than to confirm that sidebar slippage happens. I know it happens. I need to know how to fix it.

Thank goodness I found, a blog by Ron Southern (aka Rat) from Chigger, Texas (a place that doesn't exist, as far as I can tell). Anyone who publishes a Blogger blog should bookmark Rat's site immediately. He's got the answers.

When I finally, using all the information I found at 20stickyposts, get my sidebar to travel from my blog's deep southern region back up to the northeast where it belongs, we'll have Rat to thank.