January 10, 2007

Ribbons of Highway: The book with the happiness guarantee

With two years of reader feedback under my belt, I’m putting my money where my book is and offering Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America as the only book I know of that comes with a "money-back happiness guarantee." If you don’t enjoy it, I’ll buy it back.

Order Ribbons from me or from Booklocker. If it doesn’t give you at least 15 dollars worth of enjoyment, I’ll buy it back for that amount. (If you download the e-book and don't enjoy the read, I'll pay the cost of the download.)

Click on the book to order from Booklocker. (Note your order date and time, as I’ll ask you for that if you invoke your right to return.)

Click on my face to order from me. Send an e-mail with "book guarantee order" in the subject line, and I’ll send an address to which you can mail your check for $14.95 – shipping’s on me.

I can only buy back non-enjoyment-producing books purchased through me or Booklocker. I appreciate being listed on Amazon et al. but earn little there (and nothing on used books) and wait five months to get it.

Pick a pic and click. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the journey – or your money back.

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