March 07, 2005

Join me at the Boomer Women Speak Travel Forum in May

Dotsie Bregel, the wonderful founder and editor of, an online community designed to "encourage, connect and support baby boomer women," has invited me to act as travel expert on the site's Travel Forum during the month of May. Please join me! Boomer Women Speak is fast becoming a major women's website, with a half million visitor hits in January alone. I'm honored at Dotsie's invitation and eager to "talk travel" with women everywhere.

I'll check in with the forum each day in May to answer questions about trip planning, foreign travel, travel with kids, women traveling, intergenerational travel, staying safe while traveling -- any travel-related topic of interest to Boomer Women. I'll also discuss and answer questions about my book, Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America," which Dotsie is kindly featuring in the books section of her site, complete with a link to Amazon. (Thanks a million, Dotsie...). Dotsie, who read and "thoroughly enjoyed" Ribbons, felt May would be a good month for me to be available, as women will be thinking about and planning for summer travel -- perhaps even a cross-country trip of their own.

Click on Boomer Women Speak and sign up for Dotsie's free newsletter, and jump into some of the great discussion forums on the site. Boomer Women Speak is "a place to share stories, give and receive advice, and meet new friends."

Email this post to let your friends know about Boomer Women Speak, and please pop by the Travel Forum in May. I'd love to chat with all of you.

(Ribbons proceeds continue to aid tsunami relief.)