January 21, 2005

Winter weather update from the Scottish Highlands :)

I heard from Patrick Vickery again (see January 15 post). He enjoyed the post, and he shared a weather update from his neck of the Scottish Highlands: "Awaiting the forecast - blizzards just now, but still not arrived. Everyone looking forward to a "day off" tomorrow if we wake up to blocked roads. Last week -- Wednesday -- all the bridges in the Highlands were closed due to high winds: Skye, Kessock, Cromarty and Dornoch Bridges. Quite unusual. Many trees down and some structural damage. We are having a memorable winter so far."

I hope Patrick doesn't mind me sharing his correspondence, but in addition to its being interesting, it gives me an excuse to share another winter-in-the-Highlands photo (this is Eilean Donan Castle) and to point you to more of Patrick's wonderful "garden blethers." Again, gardener or not (I'm not. I've killed cactus, although I did grow some mean organic green beans one summer.), you'll enjoy them. Check out "The Compost Blether," "The Surreal Blether," and "The Inanimate Object Blether." Gardening is a metaphor for life, so we can all relate...

Where shall we go next?

Ribbons of Highway proceeds go to tsunami relief. Deatils in Jan. 2 post