January 04, 2005

Travel to Southeast Asia

As Chris Heidrich of the BootsnAll travel community wrote in today's Boots newsletter, the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia shows us not only "the sheer power of mother nature and its unpredictability, but also reminds us that everyone is mortal, regardless if you are a traveler, a local, rich or poor, or what country you live in." Heidrich continues, "Instead of canceling your trips to Asia next summer, now more than ever is a time you should be going to places like Thailand and Indonesia. They need your tourism dollars more than ever."

Fishing and tourism are the economic mainstays of many of the hardest hit regions. A journey to Asia in 2005 can provide hope and support for people like this Thai woman who earns her living selling fruit and coconut juice to passing river travelers. Travel has the power to educate, to entertain, to renew and refresh, and to forge relationships and understanding. It also has the power to help heal.

Book proceeds to aid tsunami relief. See Jan. 2 post