March 11, 2011

Sea Dream: Paradise with a life preserver

(Warning: this post may make you jealous.)

This weekend Mike and I jet off to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, where we'll board the Sea Dream I (photo, from Sea Dream promotional brochure), a 300-foot yacht Mike's company has chartered to celebrate a successful year. (Congrats to my Number One; Mike's hard work earned him the spot as top regional manager worldwide.)

We'll enjoy spa treatments, gourmet food, excellent wine, and visits to wonderful ports of call, most of which will be new destinations for me.

From St. Thomas we cruise to St. John, also in the US Virgin Islands, then to St. Barts in the French West Indies, then to the British Virgin Islands, where we'll anchor for a day each in Virgin Gorda and tiny Jost Van Dyke.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the trip, but I am a bit anxious. A near-drowning experience when I was 13 cured me of wanting to spend time in or on bodies of water larger than a swimming pool.

To keep my fear at bay while on the Sea Dream, I plan to self-medicate with liberal doses of the ship's fine wines and sleep with a life jacket as a pillow.