March 28, 2011


Mike and I were at the High Tide restaurant overlooking Cruz Bay on St. John enjoying a Virgin Islands Summer Ale (concocted by two University of Vermont grads and brewed in Portland, Maine) when a lizard lounging in the tree next to our table sprang to life and started scurrying up, down and across the tree's limbs and branches. I thought he might leap onto our table and topple our beers (and bite us). After much darting about and flashing of scary teeth, spikes, claws and whip-like tail, the two-foot-plus long iguana decided we were less interesting than the view over Cruz Bay. He turned his scaly back to us, and, in true island style, settled onto a limb with a view and chilled, watching boats bob in the bay and letting a cool Caribbean breeze waft over his dinosaur skin. We tipped our beers to him and sat back to enjoy the view.