February 02, 2011

Out of Egypt, again

I apologize for not posting in the past week or so. I've been glued to CNN and Al Jazeera. We have tickets to Egypt, and our intended departure date is February 25.

Obviously we're not going -- again. Those who follow this blog know I had to cancel our summer trip to Egypt because I broke my foot and also know I had a bear of a time collecting from Nationwide, the insurance company from which I bought trip cancellation insurance. Click on "Egypt" in the "Where Do You Want To Go?" sidebar on the right to read posts about our original non-trip to Egypt.

I'll soon get to work retrieving our money for this second non-trip to Egypt. I'm eating Wheaties to fortify myself for the task, which I expect will sap a ton of time and energy. But I will, eventually, get my money back, as I followed the advice I gave in my earlier Egypt posts: I bought travel insurance.

This time I opted for a policy from M.H. Ross, again purchased through the excellent online agency InsureMyTrip.com , and I paid a little extra for additional coverage for "cancellation for any reason." I must have felt something in my bones, because, had I not purchased this extra bit of protection, my trip cancellation coverage would not have covered us for this cancellation. Terrorism is covered; civil unrest is not. I'll invoke the "for any reason" clause when I submit my claim.

I'll also have to return the several hundred dollars' worth of Egyptian pounds that I bought from Travelex. I always get some paper currency before I land in a country so I'm self-sufficient upon landing, should banks, foreign exchanges and/or ATMs be closed or hard to find. Having a small stash of local cash gives me power and peace of mind.

I'll get to Egypt some day. It's just not in the cards right now. I'll watch the momentous, history-making developments from here in Boston, on my TV and computer screens, and I'll root for the Egyptian people.

My sister Lisa sent me an email last night:

Hi Lor,
Although the prospects for your trip to Egypt aren't looking too promising right now, isn't it just absolutely thrilling that for the first time ever, the Egyptian people are speaking out, having a voice and mobilizing towards democracy in a peaceful manner. Just incredible. When you do get there, it may very well be a happier people you will see.