August 04, 2010

Walk like an Argentine

In a recent piece in Parade Magazine interviewer Walter Scott asked Robert Duvall, who fell in love with tango during filming of the 2002 movie, Assassination Tango, "Do you still dance?"

Duvall replied, "Yes, sir. I practice the walk every day. You can learn a figure in five minutes, but it takes you 10 years to walk like an Argentine."

And an Argentine will travel to perfect that walk.

We watched a three-hour tango show one night in Buenos Aires. All the dancers were superb, but one petite female stood out. She was a high-heeled, satin-clad ball of exquisite, elegant energy.

The show ended after midnight, and we were worried about getting enough sleep before our early morning drive to the Estancia Santa Susana, about two hours from the city, for Argentine barbecue called churrascaria and a display of gaucho horsemanship.

Before the meal of grilled meats and copious carafes of malbec, the estancia offered up a tango show. The best and most energetic dancer on the stage was our Buenos Aires friend from the night before. That woman can walk.