November 23, 2009

Meals on the midway: Deep-fried and supersized

File this under "Only in America."

A short piece in a recent issue of The Economist chronicled a visit to the Texas State Fair. The reporter focused not on rides and games but on the frightening foods on offer. The reporter (whom I'd credit, but The Economist doesn't use bylines) writes, "People were queuing up for an unusual delicacy: balls of butter, dipped in dough and cooked in a vat of boiling oil. Fried butter, in other words."

I am disgusted but not surprised.

America, land of the free and home of the fat.

The journalist goes on to note that "fairs are known for their decadent snack offerings" and then enumerates several: Meat Lovers' Ice Cream, fried guacamole, fried Coke. (No, I've no idea.)

Happy Thanksgiving. Go slow.