October 28, 2009

The Lipstick Building: Shades of Bernie Madoff

I must have 50 pictures of this building.

This is the view we've snagged nearly every time we've stayed -- for free, with Mike's frequent guest points -- at the Lexington Avenue Marriott in New York City. I've shot this building at every time of day and night, in all kinds of light and weather conditions. I think it's a cool shape and color, worth multiple takes.

Like the rest of the world, I didn't realize what was going on on the 17th floor.

Towering over 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue on midtown Manhattan's east side, it's called the Lipstick Building. I always thought Mike made the name up, and thought him terribly clever to have done so, until Bernie Madoff became an unwelcome household name and reports revealed that, while Madoff ran his legal enterprises from the Lipstick Building's 18th and 19th floors, the 17th floor was ground zero for his massive evildoings.

Had I any idea of what I was really looking at I would have used my highest-powerered telephoto lens to take those 50 shots. Might've captured something the feds could use...