July 07, 2009

Paris, zen and now

Dana and I are off to Paris tomorrow. I can't wait to see our apartment at the Maison Zen. (Click on France in the right sidebar for previous posts on our unique accommodation choice. I've decided I will definitely partake in some of the meditation sessions while at our Om Away From Home.)

I won't be blogging from Paris. Time spent blogging is time spent not seeing Paris.

I will, however, be seeking out free WiFi hotspots so I can check out the capabilities of the tiny new netbook I just bought. I bought an Asus, about the size of a paperback. Fits in my purse and weighs almost nothing, so I can tote it around all day and check my email or jump online anywhere in the city with an open connection. Even has a webcam. Two hundred and fifty bucks.

An editor I'm working with sent me a restaurant suggestion that sounds intriguing. She wrote in an email, "Have a great time, Lori. Do you know the restaurant Chartier? ( 7 rue du Faubourg in Montmartre). We spent a lot of time in France when my boys were small and before coming home we always had a week in Paris. We all came to love this old-fashioned place, which still has the wooden napkin boxes lining the walls. It’s not fancy...a big boisterous joint with great French waiters. Good poulet and very basic bistro stuff. It’s very popular even with the natives and there can be long lines. We learned to go on the early side (6:30 ish) to beat the crowds. The street is funky... we discovered some terrific costume stores. Bought a few masks that we still treasure. "

(How's your French? Visit Chartier via YouTube here. At least you'll understand "l'atmosphere historique," non?)

I've put Chartier on the list.

A bientot, mes amis. Jusqu' a la semaine prochaine.