April 21, 2009

Ecstasy in Vienna

Dana's been borrowing friends' cell phones to check in from Europe. (Generous friends. Their parents will probably kill them.) The day she landed, I got this email: "Hey its me on Marcis BlackBerry venice is amazing I'm good. Love you guys. Dana"

Well, she just called from Vienna: "Hey mom, guess what I just did? I went to the Spanish Riding School and saw the Lippizaners."

Seeing the world's most famous dressage horses in the world's most famous riding school was the primary goal of her European trip, so I'm delighted she pulled it off. She and a friend toured the barn, then got to hang out in the performance area for a bit. She was ecstatic.

We couldn't talk long, the conversation being conducted as it was on telephony that someone else was paying for, but as she was about to hang up, she said, "Wait! I have to tell you a funny story! We went to this amusement park (that would be the Prater...), and we all went on this ride called Ecstasy, and when we got off, we found out it's illegal in the United States! It was horrible! Everybody was throwing up all over the place!"

It's late in their trip, but I hope the kids still had some clean clothes left...