January 19, 2009

Waiting for Obama

Today must be one of the biggest travel days in US history, and today, all roads lead to Washington.

Right now, people are on the roads and rails and in the air, making their way to DC to share in the most hopeful moment America has experienced in a very long time.

Just how many people are making the pilgrimage to the capital to be part of Barack Obama's inauguration was underscored as I drove home from the mall this afternoon. Sitting in my car in Boston, I turned on the radio and caught a traffic report -- for New York City.

Said the reporter, "Traffic is moving well on I-95 south through New York, and there are no problems on the George Washington Bridge. Everything looks good at all of the state borders."

Whether already in DC, on your way, or watching tomorrow on TV or online, we're all waiting for Obama.

And we wish you Godspeed, Mr. President.