June 19, 2008

Going totally green at Fenway Park

Boston's Fenway Park will be greener than usual tomorrow night. Besides the famed left-field wall known as the Green Monster, the Red Sox will reportedly take the field in green shirts to honor their fellow hometown team, the Boston Celtics, who just captured their 17th NBA Championship. Nice to see our local teams, who've been on quite a roll lately, honor each other's achievements.

You don't have to have tickets to a Sox game to visit Fenway Park, America's oldest major league ballpark still in use. You can take a tour. And, according to the park's website, you can try your luck in an auction for seats atop the Green Monster.

I don't know. I'd be worried about getting hit in the head with a baseball.

Oh yeah-- you might want to eat before you get to Fenway. The food concession stands failed a raft of city health inspections this season. Supposedly things are now gleaming behind those counters and in those fridges and under those sinks and the rodents have departed for greener pastures (sorry, couldn't resist), but somehow the venerable Fenway frank has lost all appeal for me.

Fenway photos courtesy of my husband, Mike.