November 20, 2007

Another sidebar nosedive

Blogger's done it again. My sidebar has nosedived to the bottom of the page, and I've spent more hours today than I should have trying to fix the problem. Apologies to readers who subscribe to my RSS feed who've seen a zillion post attempts today. The last thing I want to do after your three years of faithful readership is drive you nuts. The problem occurs when you view the blog using Internet Explorer or AOL. Everything looks fine in Firefox, however, so browse with that if you can.

My son's home from college for the weekend, it's Thanksgiving, there's life to live and family to enjoy, so I'll sit myself back down at the keyboard and try to get that sidebar back where it belongs around Monday or so.

I'll post new stories after I fix the sidebar issue. Until then, enjoy the archives -- which you'll find at the bottom of the page, in the sidebar...

Thanks for sticking with me.