November 03, 2006

A brief word from our sponsor

If you'd like to order signed copies of Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America for folks on your holiday list, it's not too early. For signed copies, send an e-mail with "book order" in the subject line. I'll send you an address to which you can mail your check for $14.95 per copy, plus $2 shipping. Order more than one book, and I'll pay the shipping on the additional copies. Please enclose a note letting me know to whom you'd like your book(s) inscribed. Read book reviews and excerpts at

As in past years, I'll donate $2 for each copy purchased from me or my publisher, Booklocker, to the Pine Street Inn, a Boston shelter and job skills resource for homeless men and women. Mike and I have been supporting Pine Street for 17 years, and it provides critical services in a caring, dignified and effective environment. To order from Booklocker, click here. (No need to let me know you've ordered from Booklocker. I see sales activity -- no names -- immediately. You can also download Ribbons as an e-book for $8.95 at the Booklocker site. I'll send $4 to Pine Street for every e-book downloaded through the holidays.)

(I regret that I can't make a charitable donation if you buy the book on Amazon or I earn nothing on Amazon used copies and nearly nothing on new ones. I love that Amazon gets the book into more people's hands and appreciate being listed there, but after Amazon's cut, there's little left for the author.)