July 18, 2006

Gone yodelin'

We're heading to Zurich for a road trip through the Swiss and French Alps, with a week on Lake Geneva. I can't wait to flash those four free airline tickets at the Continental counter. If you missed the post that explains how I pulled that off, read it here.

I won't be blogging while I'm away -- all-day note taking and nightly journaling eat a lot of time as it is, so I'm not going to worry about lugging a laptop, darting into Internet cafes or manipulating my husband's BlackBerry to post while I'm on vacation. I've put away messages on my phone and computer.

The only technology I'm bringing is my iPod, which will help me get through the 15-mile training run I have to do next week. The scenery will help, too. Out and back along the shore of Lake Geneva. We're renting an apartment a block from the water in Thonon-les-Bains, France. I'll have to remember to turn right when I leave the apartment for that run. If I turn left, I'll hit Switzerland. I'll be carrying Gatorade, but no passport.

Here are links to some archived stories. Read one a day while I'm gone, and you won't even miss me:

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Enjoy the stories. See you in early August.