March 02, 2006

Tim Leffel launches Perceptive Travel magazine

Budget travel expert Tim Leffel, author of The World's Cheapest Destinations, has launched Perceptive Travel, an online magazine that promises to offer the "best travel stories from authors on the move."

You won't find breezy lists or vacuous roundup pieces like "Top five Southwest spas" or "Best Manhattan martini bars" in Perceptive Travel. Tim and his contributors, all book authors with extensive travel writing experience, take you beyond the surface and help you feel something of the essence of a place and its people.

The magazine's first two issues featured stories by such writers as Rolf Potts, Jen Leo, Jeff Greenwald, Josh Berman, David Farley and Bruce Northam. On tap are pieces by Ayun Halliday, Susan Griffith, Wendy Knight and yours truly. I'm honored to be part of this company. In an upcoming issue, I'll take you on a 365-degree tour of Kenya from the top of a Nairobi skyscraper, with Daniel the flying janitor as guide. (Above: A Rothschild's giraffe snacking on an acacia tree)

Put Perceptive Travel on your list of must-reads. You can sign up for e-mail alerts that let you know when a new issue has been published. You'll find links to both Tim's blog and his new publication in the sidebar on the right of this page.


Two other items of potential interest:

I've finally gone under my blog's hood and done some HTML tinkering, and you can now subscribe to an XML feed. See links section.

I'll be a guest on the Hearst Corporation's New England Cable News (NECN) on Tues., March 21 at 4 p.m. EST. We'll be talking about Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul, Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, hope, inspiration, family, travel, seeing America -- all good stuff. If you live in the northeast and happen to be plopped in front of a TV at four that afternoon, check it out. It's me or Oprah...