March 28, 2006

Sky-high streets: The stone villages of Provence

I take you to a beautiful corner of the French Riviera in this month's Go World Travel magazine. From our base in seaside Menton (above), my family and I explored a string of ancient towns perched in the Maritime Alps, which begin their rise just miles from the Mediterranean.

Click here to read the story, "Sky-high streets: The stone villages of Provence." (Before you click, let me apologize for the half-dozen or so editorial errors. Phrases like "we our car" and "as I we eased the car pushed upward" never sprang from my keyboard. Editors are busy people, and, well, stuff happens. You grin -- or not -- and bear it. ); Read Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America on your computer screen. Download the e-book.