January 01, 2006

When tomorrow comes

The first sunrise of the new year presents itself today.

In some places, like Spain's Costa Brava (above), the sight will be hopeful and glorious, with the sun seeming to take wing.

In other places, the new dawn brings despair and distress.

We see the same sun, yet twists of fate we can neither control nor take credit for cause us to see it differently.

Our friends, Rickie and Ray, and their kids, Jaclyn and Parker, wrote a poem for the new year that gives fate its place but asks us to consider how what we can control colors our collective sunrises, today's and tomorrow's:

When tomorrow comes:

May our hungry be fed
May our enemies become friends
May our world become peaceful
May we face fewer natural disasters
May our world be cooler
May we get along better
May our cars be smaller
May our leaders be larger
May our voices be softer
(except when speaking for those with no voice)
May we learn new things
May we make new friends
May we continue to find wonder in the world