November 23, 2004

For the travelers on your holiday gift list

Are there travelers or armchair travelers on your holiday gift list? Give them a few enjoyable hours with Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America.

"You write a good sentence." -- William Least Heat-Moon, author of the American travel classics, Blue Highways, Prairy Erth and River-Horse.

"A wonderfully-textured and beautifully written book about not only America as we really should know it, but a discovery of yourself...One of the things I took from this book is the sense of hope...It's really a testament not only to this country, but also to family." -- Jordan Rich, WBZ NewsRadio 1030AM, Boston

"It is much more than a travelogue...Ribbons of Highway is a captivating story of a family's bonding...though this well written, informative and inspiring journal may feed the reader's wanderlust, it will also remind us that our nation will continue to be strong and thriving, no matter what...I highly recommend sharing Ribbons of Highway with those you love." -- Lynda Lukow, reviewer,

From now through January 1, 2005, I'm donating $1 per copy sold to Boston's Pine Street Inn, a shelter and skills training facility that serves 1,200 people daily. A dollar may not sound like much, but it's 50% of my royalties. When you buy Ribbons from Amazon, I earn $2.

For information about ordering a signed copy, please visit

Enjoy the journey, and thank you.