November 26, 2013

It's been 15 months since my last post on this travel blog, and I'm just checking in to let folks know that the blog is still on vacation. Mike and I have a few more semesters of college tuition to pay, so I have to spend more time writing for money and less time writing for free. I started this blog years ago to make it easier for editors to find me on the Web, and it's served that purpose well.

But when I logged in today to take a peek at the blog's stats, I was blown away and wanted to post this quick thank-you. I'm proud of the travel stories and photos I've posted over the years and, despite the halt in adding new content, I'd hoped that folks would still visit and read the archived stories. That's happening. Thanks for taking the time to "travel" with me.

I know not all readers land on my blog because they were searching specifically for it, or for me. I know it's often because they were looking for something else, and Ribbons popped up in the search results. My blog stats tell me what people were searching for before they found me. The Lori Heins and Ribbons of Highways make me feel good, but it's searches like "was wampsutta's speech real?" and "pineapple overstayed welcome" that make me laugh.

May we all find what we're searching for. Cheers.